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【ASMR joi sex Erotic japanese】Hell Class Hypnomulti Rape

This is without a doubt the most pleasant hypnosis voice I have ever heard.

If you've never experienced coming from a hypnosis voice, you'll be able to do it. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to.

I'm not sure if I'm going to die from this, but I can't even think about it... I can't even think about anything else. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.

You should listen to this hypnosis voice at least once, you're being deprived of your thoughts, you're in a pleasure hell!

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【sexual asmr japanese 】Multi-Whispering Ear Licking Continuous Climax Hypnosis【joi】

In this ASMR work, five girls are whispered to, breathed on, ear-licked, and implored from various directions.

In the "super dense double ear licking from both sides", you will be thoroughly tortured until your ears and brain are melted and suggestions are poured into you from five different directions, and if you are not careful, you will climax in three seconds!

The scary thing about this work is that it is a hypnotic voice, so you can have a dry orgasm with the countdown "3, 2, 1... '0'" and finger-punching while the ear licking and breath is always in your ear. The countdown is so short that it will make you come without mercy.

Even if you're not interested in hypnosis, the quality of the ear licking is so high that it's worth buying just for the ear licking ASMR, because the ear licking sound never stops!

The ear licking from all directions will make your brain soggy, and it's more of a shock than a pleasure!

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【sexual asmr japanese 】Ear Licking ASMR Really Deep Ear ''Deep'' Licking - Deep ASMR that makes your ears feel good

This is an ASMR work that cannot be ignored when talking about ear licking doujin audio works.

As the name "ear licking" implies, a high school girl with a long tongue licks you deep into your ears.

Conventional ear licking around the ears is good, but the pleasure of being licked deep inside and the pressure of having your ears covered with a tongue in this work is really addictive!

It's very lovey-dovey, and it's also very satisfying as a healing tool. Of course, it's also very practical!

I thought this work would be more "healing" than "extraction", but...

I thought this work would be more "healing" than "extracting," but the gap between the healing and relaxing parts and the erotic parts made me very excited.

There are more and more ear licking ASMR works that focus on the inner ear, but I think this is one of the best among them.

If you are a beginner in ear licking ASMR, this is a work you should try!

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【sexual asmr japanese 】Only for tribute masochists [personality denial masturbation support]【joi】

This work is a special audio work for "severe tribute masochists", "masochists who moan violently at the condescending looks, abuse, ridicule, and personality denial they receive from younger, rear-facing men", and "masochists who want to have their hearts ripped out by being mercilessly pointed out as inferior to others".

The sadistic sister exposes her inferior masochistic tendencies, and she succumbs to the interminable hell of nasty verbal torture and relentless torment. Who wants to be forced into slave pledge ejaculation?
People who want to become slaves to be killed alive by condescending lewd words, nipple teasing, massive saliva, and abusive fingering.

A popular voice actress with a loli voice turns her back on masochistic male coterie voice buyers and abuses them with a voice that has a higher level of S-ness.


【sexual asmr japanese 】[Onasapo voice ASMR] Female child's self-destruction inducing onasapo game【joi】

This is a type of masturbation voice that makes you endure ejaculation.
I've purchased several of their previous works.
I recommend it to those who liked the past works such as the doomed masturbation.

I came here to warn you about a bad little bitch.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience of being beaten up by a bad little bitch, and the provocation of the little bitch is very well done.
I think it's very well done.

In particular, I wonder what is meant by "self-destructive induction? What does that mean?
I was wondering what it meant to accept onedary.
I was wondering what it meant to accept an onedari, but it was almost like an incentive, almost like a man would want to accept it.
The result is that you can almost always accept it, and you can almost always make use of it.
You can enjoy being driven to defeat with the feeling of being forced to take a strong blow.

The direct stimulation is also quite excruciating, with squeaky voice and countdown voice.
I think this is a work that you can enjoy the direct stimulation at a very egregious level.


【ASMR joi sex Erotic japanese】[ASMR youtuber popularity ranking] Woo-chan (Tsukino Usagi) [#1 in the too erotic category








【ASMR joi sex Erotic japanese】[ASMR youtuber popularity ranking] Makoto. ASMR [Sound Division #1].

まこと。macoto ASMR







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